Make your ideas a reality

Platform PHP for web artisans. An application 100% Laravel

Groovel a php platform built on Laravel
A real starter toolkit platform, better than to start from the beginning

An idea of application?
Try me!

Groovel uses the Blade template engine of Laravel, Newest or Laravel Fans will be not lost. You can edit and modify the template code directly online because groovel includes a nice editor

Groovel proposes to the users an easy way to create some content types. Drag and drop fields, design your contents as the way you want. A blog, a product , what ever you want Groovel integrates a wyziwyg editor(tinymce) to help you,but you can choose other if you want.

Groovel uses Laravel, to manage and integrate frameworks (js, css, or php) in a proper way. Groovel is using boostrap for the administration console but you are free to use your own favorite framework for your creations

Groovel proposes an online administration console to manage configuration, code edition, and Laravel configuration. It is also possible to use scripts administration proposed by laravel framework.

Every new users have got an account, can download pictures , and access rules can be managed from administration browser.

Groovel proposes a solution to show contents by language users

Groovel proposed some reusable codes ready to be copied for your specific needs You are free to add your contribution!

Groovel proposed some generics apps already developed and which can be changed as the way you want: A forum , A blog starter, Short messages communication.

Groovel proposes an API that you can use in your mobile apps: get messages, get contents...

Groovel Architecture


How to install groovel?

Before to start,you will have to install if not in your env :
Composer :
Git  :
From your git bash screen run the command to download the installer groovel :

composer create-project groovel/simplecommandinstaller --stability dev

Then go into directory simplecommandinstaller , and set the parameters into simplecommandinstaller/config/.env file, your mysql instance should be running.
The installer will create the groovel database.
Run the command :
your-project-name : the name of your future application.

php groovelinstall createproject=your-project-name

The build groovel is into directory /dist, you can deploy it on your server

Otherwise Can't stand to wait to test? , you can go to the dist/your-project-name

Run the command :

php artisan serve

it will runs locally a webserver.

Just for dev, you will have a limited feature than a real web server.

If success you will have on your root url / :

See more details on documentation section.

That's all .

Develop great services with rest api
A real platform to build some applications.

System Requirements

Required php >5.6.4 or higher
This version is built for laravel 5.3
and tested with mysql.
You can use your favorite http server.
Just download the installer and follow the steps.

Simple to use

Why should i use Groovel?

Groovel helps you to start more quickly in your development.
Everything is made to help you to concentrate in your code.
The architecture is very modular, you can enable or disable features such as cms and specialize the platform to contain your own application packages.
It is very easy to add and manage different packages : CSS, javascript and frameworks.
The framework Laravel and its ecosystem are very rich.
You can propose mobile services, and develop or customize the REST API.
The plaform contains only what you need less than 160 mb!
And finally the platform is built by a real passionnate developer :-)


Feedbacks and fix bugs contributions are welcomed.