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How to sort and organize your contents?

by groovel

Posted on 2016-11-18 07:03:58

In this new article i will show you a new easy feature in groovel
The common use case when you generate some contents for example you create some products in order to create your shop
you will have the problem to sort them in group of common type if you want that your user can be easily find what he wants.
It is optimization search.
Lot of software products are using some other outside frameworks, in my opinion and philosophy of groovel i propose you something simple but
efficient for you in order to limit the complexity.
I implement a simple tagging engine search:
How do you process it?
1. design your content type for example a search jobs engine
for this content type i want to groups by technologies qualification for example knowledge language : Java C# ..
The name of group is a category:
2. Go to create a category :

3. Go create a tag : the key word that is in a category

  4. And when you will create a new job post you will have to choose your tag :



Great now when you will set your search engine you will look for jobs by tag words.


If there is a lot of contents several ways to optimize the speed search such ...indexation database contents ...
For more and if you want to contribute with me on some packages out of box go and contact me!

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