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Files management with groovel!

by groovel

Posted on 2016-12-07 21:30:49

about files management?
all systems have got their own systems, specially in cms,
How do i handle it simple in groovel who implements some of few cms features?
I decide to insert in a table all files that are downloaded in groovel in order to controll what users do

I limit the size of number files that a user can upload

Each time a content is deleted all files are deleted, perhaps it is better to make asynchronously this method for
huge volume but with several of hundred users it is enough don't complex it.But it is not so hard to do it

Now in groovel we support powerpoint, excel, doc,pdf, png,jpg


Easy to think that you will attach to your content several files!A good way to share documents!
Let's try it!!

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